Any client who has not transacted during the past six months may be regarded as an inactive account, and additional precautions need to be exercised prior to trade.  This time frame of 6 months is for the purposes of a guideline and all are requested to apply this procedure wherever the client has not transacted for a considerable period.


The following procedure should be followed:


The following procedure should be followed:

1.  Normal market information should be provided as per usual. However any order should be held back and client informed about recheck.

2.  Refer to back office for recheck on UCI, and documentation, especially in view of SEBI/ Exchange circulars from time to time.

3. The back office will revert to the trader after checking:

(a)                Incase of any pending matters call the client and advise him accordingly.

(b)                Incase all documents are in order, inform the senior who will give approval to the trader after review.

 To ensure and check the client identity, our office will in return call the client.  This will prevent any identity misuse. While there will be a small delay in the verification process at the back office, the need for compliance should be explained to the client politely to ensure best service to the client.